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Ken Farrar’s Artist Statement


As an artist I have always admired those who could captivate their audience with their insight and ability to paint. Over my lifetime, I have strived to develop that insight and to make that ability my goal. Today I feel I have reached a new plateau in the development of my work.


One of a painter's central concerns is light and how to express it on canvas. I have always believed that if one could refine a technique by coaxing more light from within the canvas, a new and wonderful painting style would surely evolve. Through the gift of a vivid dream, I have brought to life a new and exciting painting technique. This new style has brought me many rewards, not only in the actual execution, but also in the incredible sense of awe that the paintings invoke when people view my paintings. To look at these paintings in normal lighting, one would never know the secret they hold when the lights are lowered.

I primarily work in acrylics and have developed a new paint formula using a rare earth mineral called strontium aluminate. After several years of experimenting with this material, I now manufacture my own paint and possess the artistic license to use it freely. To take a quote from Vincent Van Gogh," I often think that the night is more alive and more richly coloured than the day." If only he had known how true this is for me and the paint I use today.

When we view my paintings in a darkened room, several elements come into play. The strontium aluminate in my paint collects light and stores the light while at the same time releasing the light from within the paint. When traditional work is viewed in daylight, the light is reflected from the paint to the viewer. When viewed in the dark my paintings emit light directly from the paint to the viewer’s eyes. When we observe one of my phosphorescent paintings in the dark, our pupils dilate to collect more light so that the paintings become even brighter. In a darkened environment, we also lose our peripheral vision so we cannot help being drawn to even the faintest of light and colour. Consequently, the very strong light source emitted by one of these paintings is a magnet to the eye. I have found these paintings glow intently, depending on how much light they receive before viewing, for one to eight hours.


Due to the use of the best quality acrylic paints available and because the strontium aluminate has no shelf life once sealed into the paint, I feel that these paintings will last and endure for many hundreds of years. My method of painting is far from traditional. However, it is of the utmost importance to me that my paintings retain a traditional look and feel, and that they fulfill my thoughts and inspirations. I am committed to a life of art and I know that if I immerse myself into each painting with heart and soul others will feel it and they will be my audience. My style of painting reflects my passion for the outdoors, particularly the early morning and late day sun. It seems to me that most people have an affinity for our wilderness areas and feel they are much more than a cold lonely places. They are quiet places with the Northern Lights guarding our last open frontier, free from noise or uproar. They are also places with crystal clean air that at times have little or no motion or activity. They are places that I love to paint.

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Ken Farrar
2011 Skeena Dr.
Kamloops, B.C.
Phone 250 828-0231

Web site

Education/Artist Training

1969 to 1973 Alberta College Of Art Calgary, Alberta. Graduating with a four year degree in art and commercial arts.


July 2017 solo show - Giftese,  Scotch Creek B.C.

Jan 2017 solo show - Kamloops Art Council Main Gallery

June 2015 solo show - Alpine Images Sun Peaks, B.C.


Sep 2014 solo show - Kamloops Art Council Main Gallery

May 2013 solo show - Avens Gallery Canmore, Alberta


April 2012 group show - Karla Pearce Art Gallery, Kamloops

Jan. 2012 solo show - Alpine Images Sun Peaks, B.C.


Jan. 2011 solo show - Alpine Images Sun Peaks, B.C.

Feb. 2011 solo show - Rivers Gallery, Kamloops B.C.

Dec. 2010 solo show - Rivers Gallery, Kamloops B.C.

Mar. 2010 solo show - Birchwood Gallery, Yellowknife, NWT

July 2010 group show - Tree Line Studios and Okanagan Wine Festival , Sun Peaks B.C.

Jan. 2010 group show - Tree Line Studios and Okanagan Ice Wine Festival, Sun Peaks B.C.

July 2009 solo show -Tree Line Studios Sun Peaks, B.C.

Jan. 2009 solo show -Tree Line Studios Sun Peaks, B.C.


Feb. 2011 Minister Of Tourism, Yellowknife, NWT. Five paintings for tourism promotion


July 2010 Okanagan Wine Festival and Tourism, Sun Peaks B.C. Painting for brochure cover, posters and magazine

Jan. 2009 Okanagan Ice Wine Festival and Tourism Sun Peaks B.C. Painting for brochure cover, posters and magazine

Gallery representations

Lone Wolf Gallery , Sun Peaks B.C.  - 2004 to 2024

Kopps Gallery, Kamloops B.C. 2024

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